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Streets of Rage 2X -FanGame-

 ¡Nueva versión!

Streets of Rage 2X -FanGame-

F-GAMES ha publicado una nueva versión -2.3- Streets of Rage 2X para PC (Windows) y Android, una versión actualizada y ampliada del beat ’em up de Sega y Ancient para Sega Mega Drive / Genesis que incluye mejoras, contenidos nuevos y cosas rescatados de otras versiones y juegos de la franquicia. 

Vídeo versión 2.2:


"About the game, most changes are related to the fighting mechanic, new "Extra Menu" options, some new moves, new features and an overall rebalance.

A new character was added too, the "Ringmaster", together with a new level. The credits goes to my friend "Kimono", he is a very talented spriter and this character was totally remade to fit the SOR2/SOR3 sprites. He is a boss exclusive to the Master System version of Streets of Rage 1, an old man in ringmaster attire, carrying a large cannon on his back

Descarga, aquí.