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Released Insomnia -ZX Spectrum-

ZX Spectrum Maze Game

Insomnia -ZX Spectrum-

Damian Scattergood, Insomnia -ZX Spectrum-:

"This in the original ZX Spectrum game from 1983. It is the first game we ever developed (we think).

We've recently recovered it from our archives and are making it available again.

The Plot: To get to bed safely, all you need is your pajamas (top and bottom) and your teddy bear (They'll be green so you know the ones to pick up!).  If you can make it back to bed before you fall asleep you'll be safe.

With only a single life - You have limited energy and fall asleep  when it reach's zero.

Collect the blue alarm clocks to wake yourself up and give yourself more energy.

Watch you don't bump into anything as you run around - you'll fall asleep instantly and it'll be game over!

This is a tough game to finish. You'll need to be quick around the maze and light on the keyboard". 



Spectrum 5678


Scattergood´s game:

Download, here.