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Steal Gear by clintmitch

A re-creation and re-imagining of the NES/MSX version of Metal Gear

metal gear


Steel Gear is a fan re-creation project. Re-imagined, and created in Unreal Engine 4. Designed from the ground up using scratch made, and professional grade assets from the Epic Games marketplace.

Steal Gear

You are "Viper". A special agent sent north of Galzburg South Africa, to rescue a captured comrade. While on your mission, you are tasked to destroy the ultimate weapon, "The Steel Gear"!




  • 3D high definition visuals
  • Voiced Dialogue
  • Cinematic cut scenes (Now Voiced)
  • Professionally made UI, and Icons
  • Classic game play and storyline
  • Improved player controls
  • Crouch stealth mechanic
  • Jump and dash mechanics
  • New weapons and equipment
  • New areas to explore
  • New desert Scorpion Mini-Boss!
  • Laser sight and stealth suit!
  • Interactable wildlife
  • Switch weapons with Hotkeys
  • Use key cards automatically
  • Level up to star rank 5
  • Fully functional mini map system
  • Cheat menu
  • And much more!!!!!

Download, free here.