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DELIVER AT ALL COSTS -Windows, Mac and Linux-

Your last day at work is going to be unbearable... for everybody else!


PC Gamer
“Deliver At All Costs is a free driving game about a courier who's had enough of your shit”



Deliver At All Costs is a chaotic and destructive isometric driving game about a courier pushed to the edge, He's been let go by his boss, and has decided to go out in style, taking his instruction to deliver a final lot of packages "at all costs" literally.

The game features some very fun, silly, and ridiculously bouncy physics. Hit the Q key near a drop-off point and a spring in the back of the truck launches a package violently at the recipient, often destroying their home or knocking them on their ass in the process. In a rush?  The blunt force of your trusty pickup is just as effective to rack up your damage to city property.

You only have a few minutes to cause as much mayhem as you can. Pick your route and targets wisely!

Free Roam mode that lets you just crash around at your leisure, breaking stuff for the hell of it.




This is a school project at Yrgo, Gothenburg made by:

Lars Olsson
Oscar Elmgren
Jimmy Hultén
Simon Bengtsson

Daniel Nielsen
Jakob Bülow
Robin Vondrak

Music & Sound Effects
Introduction produced by the team.
Vintage commercials from public domain.
Royalty free sounds from

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Download, here.