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MSXdev21 #21 – Step

 By Uninteresting

 MSXdev21 #21 – Step 

  • Title: Step
  • Genre: Text adventure
  • Author: Uninteresting
  • ROM size: 128KB – ASCII16
  • Registered: 20210731

A sci-fi adventure game in three chapters, this game by Uninteresting happens to be quite interesting.

The Earth is going to hell in a handbasket. Rather than trying to fix Earth, humans have sent two spaceships to establish a colony on a planet presumed dead. The faster, smaller ship with its crew in cryogenic sleep to initiate the process of terraforming the planet, and preparing for the arrival of the bigger generation ship with humans, plants and some animals.


You are on the former ship.

Another adventure game created with the same engine as MSXdev20’s Jäästä, but this time it is a sci-fi story.

Source: MSXDev.