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AmtixCPC Magazine

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AmtixCPC Magazine

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"With the success of Crash and ZZAP! 64 A5 magazine, we are embarking on creating a brand new magazine for the Amstrad CPC called AmtixCPC. With an acknowledgement to the original Amtix magazine produced by Newsfield, AmtixCPC is new IP and will follow a similar format to the new Crash and ZZAP! magazines and cover all the latest reviews and news in the Amstrad scene including new features.Lloyd Mangram is also promising to make an appearance. The cover of each issue will include an Oliver Frey piece of art.

Issues will be A5-sized (15x21cm/6x8”), 60 pages, full colour, and high quality. There will be special A5-sized binders to keep them in that will be available on the website. You will only be charged when an issue is printed - so the current thinking is once per quarter (NOT monthly - billing will be switched off for the months a magazine is not produced).

 AmtixCPC #1 PDF planned for release end of month!

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