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Candy Quest v1 (Demo) -Nintendo Game Boy-

 Candy Quest by MaxBeforeTheOne is a halloween themed platformer for Nintendo’s Game Boy

 Candy Quest v1 (Demo) -Nintendo Game Boy- 

In this game, follow the four Pumpkids, PPK, GPK, YPK, and RPK, along their quest to collect the candy for a powerful magical potion which bestow great powers to whoever drinks it. In order to do that, you will help the four pumpkids to light the four Candles of Sucrosia that are scattered across the land, and gather as much special candy as they can in order to make the potion as powerful as possible. However, they only have until the end of Halloween night before their chance to create the Potion of Sugarious slips away. Put your platforming skills to the test and find out in Candy Quest!



 Candy Quest is still a WIP game, so expect to see more updates featuring new levels/worlds/other content in the future!

Download, here