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Sugar City -Amstrad CPC-

 by Voxel Tower

Sugar City -Amstrad CPC- 

A gta-like game to our love Amstrad CPC computer

#CPCRetroDev 2023



Punching: if you have no other option, your hands are always there.

Knife: simple, light and very fast.

Baseball bat: heavy but very effective.

Nunchakus: who hasn't wanted to use one of these at some point?

Katana: with a woman like Sarah and a katana, what can go wrong?

Gun: a classic Magnum for a good finish of the job.

Shotgun: ideal for dirty work.

Grenades: totally unnecessary, but always fun.

Bazooka: what gta-like would sugar city be without a good bazooka...?


Loading screen: Base image created with AI, after touched with gimp and ConvImgCpc tools.

Music: Robert Rodriguez @cr_rob

FX, Code, Graphics, Game tools: Israel Roman @voxeltower