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Dracula's Curse 2020, the fan remake of Castlevania III, has been released

 Vampire Killer!!

Castlevania III: Dracula´s Curse, one project, with public access, a Russian programmer Ivan Ivanov finally brought the development to an end. In 2020 we released a Windows version called Dracula's Curse 2020, and in 2021 Ivan ported the game to Android. The gameplay, of course, remained more or less classic - this is still a remake, not a game based on motifs.

You can download the Windows version: here's standalone version, which you can even run from a flash drive, and here's installer with the ability to replace music or player sprites. 


As for the Android version, it is, according to the author, much more buggy, but still passable. 

Of course, you can't find Dracula's Curse 2020 in Google Play store. But you can easily download APK-file and then install the game on your smartphone (both ARMv7 and x86 devices are supported).

Source: IDPIXEL.


  1. Hostiaaaa...., el vampire killer que disfrute en el "MSX2lomehó"...., en el 0:43 tiene un parallax que se te caen las bragas... , que delicia de version.... !!!


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