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Retro Tech News Magazine - Issue 1 (summer 2023)

 The premier issue of a new retro tech computing & gaming magazine

 Retro Tech News Magazine 

Do you miss the days of retro computing magazines with cool articles, game reviews and cover tapes?  Welcome to the premier issue of Retro Tech News!

This magazine for retro computing and gaming enthusiasts is intended to rekindle the joy of our youth when 8-bit was king and Ms. Pac-Man was queen.

The download includes a pdf version of the magazine as well as the game files from the cover tape and the BASIC type-in program that can be played on real hardware or emulators.


RTN Issue 1.pdf - PDF version of magazine. - "Zorlac's Revenge" game for the Aquarius Plus personal computer (or AQ+ emulator). Contains strong language/swearing. - "Zorlac's Revenge" with toned down swearing for younger audience.

ISLAND.BAS - "Retro Island" type-in program from the magazine for the ZX Spectrum Next personal computer (or emulator).


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