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MSXdev23 #13 Bricks


Title: Bricks
Genre: Arcade
Author(s): MoltSXalats
Medium: DSK 720KB
Hardware requirements: MSX2, 128KB, MSX-Music

 MSXdev23 #13 Bricks 

With Bricks, another MSX2 game gets enrolled in the competition. The goal for each stage in this game is simple – just reunite Joe and his cat friend Sam. Avoid falling bricks and you’ll be well on your way to success.

This game is set in the backyard of Joe and Sam, where they play ball. Just hanging out, having fun, their quality time together suddenly gets interrupted by falling debris caused by a nearby construction side. Goes again to show, that builders should always be careful where they put their tools and equipment. When they get sloppy, bricks start falling off scaffolds with big trouble as a result. Luckily, Joe is a young, agile sport who doesn’t mind jumping a bit to avoid such terrible accidents to happen. Reach the friendly cat friend Sam to save him from horror.

Source: MSXdev23