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Knightmare -Commodore Amiga-

By  Hoffman y Toni Gálvez 


Originally released in 1986, Knightmare is one of the many classic games produced by Konami for the MSX. It’s the first in a trilogy of games with each edition opting for a different style of gameplay throughout the series. You play as Popolon and your Mission is to rescue Aphrodite from the clutches of the evil Prince of Darkness. You have to fight your way through 8 levels of enemies and bosses along the way to rescue the Goddess of Love and Beauty. The action takes place in the form of a top-down vertical scrolling shoot’em up style including various power-ups along the way.

Knightmare -Commodore Amiga-

The Amiga port contains the follow features..

  • Original game fully disassembled to ensure accurate gameplay
  • All graphics remastered by Toni Galvez
  • Brand new title and loading screens
  • High quality Amiga Enhanced Sound Effects
  • All levels and bosses have unique Amiga Enhanced soundtracks
  • All new Hi-score table with automatic saving to disk
  • 50hz / 60hz gameplay option
  • Built-in auto-fire
  • Additional secret bonus power-up added ( can you find it? )
  • Compatible with all Amigas running 512k chip and 512k other ram

Download, here