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Alisa -Windows-

 By Casper Croes


Inspired by  classic Resident Evil and Boodborne

Alisa is a classic late-90s style horror-themed action adventure game set in a fantasy universe inspired on the 1920s. You play as an Elite Royal Agent called Alisa. While she is chasing a wanted criminal, she ends up in an old Victorian mansion. She tries to find a way out while being haunted by materialized/mechanized doll-like humanoids. Can you survive the Dollhouse?

What's waiting for you:
- Classic Survival Horror gameplay
- Real Pre-rendered backgrounds
- Eccentric currency and item shop
- Dresses and Armours with unique player stats boosts
- Weapon load-outs
- A large variety of enemies and locations
- "Soulsborne"-difficulty
- Surprises around every corner
- A weird sense of humour
- A nostalgic trip to the late 1990s