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Novabug's Quest for Tapes -Developing CPC-

 By Yellow Belly

 Screenshot of Novabug's Quest for Tapes 

Yellow Belly is in the process of developing a platform game called Novabug's Quest for Tapes, and it's getting close to completion. It's based around Novabug's YouTube livestreams where he tests and plays a few cassettes from his collection of Amstrad CPC games every Saturday evening. In Yellow Belly's game, you control Novabug and you have to collect as many tapes on each screen as you can. 

 Screenshot of Novabug's Quest for Tapes 

Once the game is completed, the plan is that Xyphoe will play and attempt to complete it on one of his YouTube livestreams every Friday evening, and if you would like to purchase a physical copy of Novabug's Quest for Tapes, Novabug will be auctioning twenty copies on one of his livestreams, and all proceeds will go to Macmillan Cancer Support. In the meantime, a few screenshots of the game are shown below. 

Source: CPC Games Reviews.