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MSXdev21 #19 – S.O.L.O.

Author: Roolandoo

 MSXdev21 #19 – S.O.L.O. 

  • Title: S.o.l.o.
  • Genre: Adventure, platform, action, puzzle
  • Author: Roolandoo
  • ROM size: 48KB
  • Registered: 20210710
 solo msx 

Retro computer game developer Roolandoo enters the compo with S.O.L.O. – a space adventure leading droids through planet Tartessos.

The droids termed as S.O.L.O. (slot one, level one) are effected by the mining of a valuable substance called Ether, which causes their circuitry and positronic minds to deterioratie. The group of robots were abandoned by humans some hundred years ago and left to their fate under an artificial intelligence called I.S.A.C. 

A huge asteroid is now on its way on a collision with the planet, so it’s high time to exit stage left for the droids. Maneuver your way through the puzzles and save yourself.

This game is available in both English and Spanish language in separate files. The gameplay and music have been designed for 50H. Also, it includes an improved color palette on MSX2 computers.

Source: MSXdev.