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Marbles Squared -ZX Spectrum NEXT-

 By rem


Clear the board. Get the high score. The first Spectrum Next game with an online leaderboard: Marbles Squared.


  • Nearly 40,000 unique starting boards
  • Joystick, keyboard or mouse input
  • Online shared leaderboard updated in real time
  • Custom game theme or design your own tiles
  • Unlimited undo

Game play

The aim is to clear the board of "marbles" - the blocks, and reach the highest score possible.

Scoring is based on the number of cleared blocks per turn, the more blocks cleared, the higher the multiple.

Completely clearing the board gets you a fresh board and additional bonus points.

Each game has a unique "seed", and once a seed is used you will see the exact same arrangement of boards on every level you complete.

Use the high score tables to find a game seed and challenge an existing high score.


Marbles Squared began as a Palm Pilot game back in the early 2000s and amassed some 250,000 downloads.

The title mixes at random between Marbles Squared, Marbles² and Marbles2 - but the "Squared" was simply because Remy couldn't draw circles, and "Marbles" because he had unwittingly cloned SameGame on the Psion.

Download, here.