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MSXdev24 #06 Chimney Man

MSXdev24 #06 Chimney Man

Title: Chimney Man

Genre: arcade
Author(s): Gamecast
Medium: Disk 720KB
Hardware requirements: MSX, 32KB

Drawing inspiration from classic arcade games, this MSX1-based game entry tests your joystick skills. Brought to you by the Italian studio Gamecast, meet Chimney Man.

In previous MSXdev editions, the brain behind Gamecast Entertainment has taken us an many adventures. Among many things, we’ve been a demolition expert, tasked with defusing bombs. We robbed banks like a contemporary Robin Hood. Even being responsible for seemingly mundane tasks such as collecting clothes to wash, keeping the urban streets clean was never below us, thanks to this developer and their varied settings and plots. We’ve crawled into the skin of a rat in the woods, teaching us many things about wildlife, and the comparative state of the human condition, and as such daringly posed existential questions to us. The latest creation from this MSXdev stalwart is Chimney Man.

This time around, we’re to don our blue collars again, as we’re back to working a service job. Make sure to bring the right tools in order to sweep those chimneys, as it’s a job that just has to be done.

Source: MSXDev24