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MSXdev24 #05 Minas

Title: Minas

Genre: shooter
Author(s): Jose E. Robayo
Medium: Disk 720KB
Hardware requirements: MSX, 32KB

For the 5th entry of 2024 we have Minas (Spanish for Mines, if you were wondering) a time-attack shoot’em up of sort by Jose E. Robayo.

This game places you at the command of a cannon where you have to destroy the mines in the screen. You can also shoot at the ships for extra points, but don’t get distracted, there is a time limit for you to destroy all the mines. And that’s not all, you also have to be careful to not hit the sea life or you’ll be penalized.

In a fashion of classic shoot’em up like Space Invaders and Galaga, you have only one shot at a time, and you can only fire again once you hit something or the bullets gets out of the screen. All in all, Mines is a frantic Sea Shooter (instead of a Space Shooter).

And it even has a two player mode where you can compete with a friend to be the first one to destroy all the mines and get the most points within the time limit.

Source: MSXDev24