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Manic Miner: Deeper and dwon -ZX Spectrum-

Manic Miner: Deeper and dwon -ZX Spectrum-

This follows on from the Lost Levels and Lost Levels DS in that it is a conversion from another system in this case it is the Sam Coupé version


Down, Down, Deeper and Down

This follows on directly from The Deeper Caverns with an additional 20 levels.
There is an ending level (Up Up and Away !) but it is not playable, like JSW the game just stops here (until the air runs out and then it loops).
01 In Xanadu, did Kubla Khan ?
02 Bleugh
03 Wibble Flowerpot
04 Wibbly Wobbly
05 Caveman Willy
06 No Way Back ?
07 Bouncy-Bouncy
08 Son of Bride of Kong’s Revenge 2
09 The Haunted House
10 The Mouse Trap
11 The Bonus Round
12 Still No Way Back ?
13 The Pink People Eaters
14 April Showers
15 Bottom of the mine shaft
16 The Building Society
17 The Control Room
18 The Assembly Plant
19 The Computer Room
20 The end of Willy as we know it ?
21 Up Up and Away !

Download, here