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Impossible Mission (Oric)

 by DefenceForce

Impossible Mission (Oric)

Elvin Atombender is seeking world domination again. This time through an Oric near you!

Impossible Mission was an absolute classic game on the Commodore 64 with conversions for most other micros of the era.

Impossible Mission (Oric)

The aim of the game is to locate puzzle pieces hidden in furniture spread across all the rooms in a large underground complex then assemble the pieces into punchcards that will form letters for the final Passcode into the Control room to finally foil Elvin's plans. Is that enough?

Oric Impossible Mission differs and is easier than other versions to play as follows

  1. No robot sensors/limited robot patterns
  2. The length of the robot plasma is much shorter than other versions
  3. lifts in rooms always move in half height steps
  4. Fewer puzzle pieces to find and match. 28 versus 36 on C64 version
  5. Shorter password. 7 versus 9 letter on C64 Version
  6. Ethan jumping arc is much more acute allowing him to somersault when the robot is adjacent to him

Download, here