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The Land of Rustles 2 -ZXEvolution-

 by Slip, Jerry and Gogin

The Land of Rustles 2 -ZXEvolution-


Surely you remember who Rustles are? They live under your feet, eat apples, invent a time machine, and endlessly rustle in the leaves... yes, yes, yes! It's all about them. And they also have friends, for example, Otter with a human face, the same one who saved Little Rustle from the enraged time machine. This time everything is much more interesting.

One day, Otter came to Little Rustle’s house to talk about romance, but our hero was already waiting there, the cat Murka, who told the sad news... Little Rustle got sick! And to help her recover, you need to look for all kinds of potions so that Murka can brew a healing potion.

Thus begins a new adventure. You will meet old friends, as well as equally interesting new acquaintances. The game is a mixture of genres such as platformer and quest. This allows you, on the one hand, to quickly jump across platforms, fighting off a bunch of enemies, level up your character, explore the world, on the other hand, you have the opportunity to conduct dialogues and complete simple tasks.

Technical Features

This game is designed to run on the ZX Spectrum - a compatible ZX Evolution machine with the TS Conf add-on, and will also run on other hardware emulators for which the firmware of this wonderful platform is developed, as well as on the UnrealSpeccy emulator.

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