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Street Pyghter (Demo) -PC-

 bt Tbromania16

Street Pyghter (Demo) -PC-

Fight with 4 different characters with different colour when fighting against them using the same characters as yourself.  There are three difficulty levels with a game statistic tracker to display your highscores.

Two modes of determining the winner, either defeat your opponent totally or be a coward and wait for the time to run out.

More features:

- Over 12 different animation for each characters.

-Controller  Supported (Might be buggy, if not responsive use keyboard)

-Combo High Score

-Game play through statistics 

-Tournament matches (Coming in full game)

-Survival mode (Coming in full game)

Different background selection

-Number of rounds per match settings

-Timer for matches settings (Either infinity or between 60 to 300Seconds)

-Dragonball and Mortal combat style Sound Effects 

Download, here