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Mortal Kombat Demo - ZX Spectrum Next-

 by RetroBeachMan

 Mortal Kombat Demo - ZX Spectrum Next- 


"This is a demo I originally wrote in April 2020 for the ZX Spectrum Next. I've added little bits here and there, but haven't got much time to work on it at the moment although I may return to it at a later date. The main sprite is mirrored so you are controlling 2 at once.

I'm not gonna be making Mortal Kombat on the Next, but just having a bit of fun with this demo. Was fun doing this in BASIC and then just switching in the relevant sprite file for the frame due to the size of the sprite (2x4, resized from the original arcade graphics). Considering that is how I am doing the animation it is running at a decent speed. Useful for learning how to apply it to other things.

I've optimised the code to just over 4k. It's quite fun doing this and I may even introduce some fighting moves at some point although this is just a demo and to help me learn.

This is a runnable directory for the ZX Spectrum Next. All you need to to is unzip the contents to your SD card and select and it will autorun".

Characters included are:

  • Scorpion

  • Johnny Cage

  • Kano

  • Sonya

  • Liu Kang

  • Sub Zero

Only Scorpion and Johnny Cage can be controlled!

Download, here