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Phenix Corrupta [MSX2]

Become a demonic girl in this short hellish metroidvania for MSX2 by Casper Croes


You, Caroline Phenix, condemned to the depths of hell.
But why are you here? How did you die? Are you really dead? Will you ever see the light of day again?
Try escaping hell while slowly becoming a demon yourself!

 Phenix Corrupta [MSX2]

Phenix Corrupta is a game developed for MSX2.
Created with MSXgl by Guillaume "Aoineko" Blanchard.
It's short but difficult game.
It features:
- A world build out of ~100 screens
- Many different enemy types and items to collect
- Password save system
- 3 different endings
- A simple end-game ranking system
- Unlockables



Play, here