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Turdle ZX -ZX Spectrum-

 Turdle - A shit take on Wordle for ZX Spectrum by Roysterini

 Turdle ZX -ZX Spectrum- 

Roysterini: "Let me introduce you to my friend Turdle the Turtle. He's a bit of a Billy-No-Mates, but look at him. Still got a smile..... but do you know why he's smiling? Well, his favourite game is Wordle and the gang at Megastyle along with Captain Black have decided to do their 'shit take' on Wordle and create a game just for Turdle the Turtle to cheer him up.
He has one good friend, Roysterini. Nobody else can put up with Turdle cos he stinks.
Why don't you, yes you, a lovely ZX Spectrum fan, show your love for Turdle by playing the game in his name? 

Just like Wordle, the game we all love and adore....the game we love to see cascading through our social media feeds.... Turdle is a word game where you get 6 chances to guess the random word.

This is a bit different though.

Is it?

Yes it is.

In Turdle, all words are related to, well..... shit in one way or another, either literally or loosely. Euphemisms, slang, related words and all that malarky.
Unlike Wordle though, Turdle is a highscore chaser. You don't just get one shit shot a day, you can keep going and try to beat your best score