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Eldritch Force (ZX Spectrum Next)

 Search the dark streets of Hydanford to find the voidstone talisman by sunteam for ZX Spectrum NEXT



Although dismissed by my peers, my study of the Voidstone Talisman - a curiously nebulous artifact - has not only led me to believe I have discovered its potential location, but also driven me to an uncontrollable desire to travel there in person and discover it for myself.

Eldritch Force (ZX Spectrum Next)

It has been all I can think about for several months now, even invading my dreams; dreams of strange shapes in the mist, or eyes peering at me from the darkness. Although the mythology of the Talisman says it has a power to open a gate from another reality, I'm sure that this is just fanciful thinking, although I do not doubt that it has some sort of power over the mind.

From my research I believe that it has been broken up into several tight-fitting pieces, and the last credible sighting of one of these was in Hydanford - a small, somewhat unheard of town to the north-east. This is where I am headed now, thankful for the night train that speeds me to the conclusion of my studies.

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