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Devil's Temple - Son of the Kung Fu Master (CBM Amiga)

 A remaster of the classic 1984 arcade game from 1984 for the Amiga OCS & AGA systems by Geezer Games

 Devil's Temple - Son of the Kung Fu Master (CBM Amiga) 

Devil's Temple 

Son of the Kung-Fu Master

Three years after Thomas defeated X at the Devil's Temple, X has once again resurrected his evil army of thugs and kidnapped Lena.

 Devil's Temple - Son of the Kung Fu Master (CBM Amiga)

Play as Tommy (the Son of the Kung-Fu Master) and make your way to the Devil's Temple where Lena is being held hostage.  Use your superior Kung-Fu skills to destroy anyone who gets in your way and rescue your girl before it's too late.

Devil's Temple - Son of the Kung-Fu Master is a Spin-Off of the 1984 genre defining arcade game - Kung Fu Master for the Commodore Amiga computer!  From the team who brought you Rygar, Turbo Sprint, Bomb Jack Beer Edition and the eagerly anticipated Super Metal Hero, this all action game will test your gaming skills like no other.



  • 10 challenging stages with bosses
  • 3 Bonus stages
  • Weapon pickups and Easter eggs
  • Full 50 frames per second action
  • Enhanced graphics with the AGA chipset
  • Awesome pixel art with over 500 frames of character animation

Download, here