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MSXdev23 #12 Vampire Slayer

 MSXdev23 #12 Vampire Slayer 

Title: Vampire Slayer
Genre: Adventure
Author(s): Seamsoft
Medium: ROM 32KB
Hardware requirements: MSX1, 16KB


Seamsoft presents us with a fast paced point-of-view shooter in a vampiric settings. Apart from your good aim and twitch reflexes, the game also makes an appeal to your exploration skills.

The name’s Belmont, Ivan Belmont. Yes, related. My job – to kill the undead. My weapon of choice – The Vampire Slayer – a legendary crossbow. What was that? Sounds familiar? Could be, she’s my cousin. But don’t tell, mkay. Together with my little friend – say hello!- we hunt and kill nasty blood sucking parasites. These damn roaches have done enough damage, it’s gotta stop. Time for me to step into the shadow, where dark creatures crawl, cowering from the sun, and to make my own destiny. This time for good.

Hired by a wealthy local merchant, Ivan sets out to search and rescue the merchants daughter. Latest intel tells she’s been abducted by Duke Tanitvany, a sinister caste lord. Enter his domain and make your way through enemy-infested rooms. From the courtyard to the upper floors of the castle you’ll reach the Duke himself. If you eliminate him, quickly escape from the castle since the enemy’s magic is the only thing that keeps such an ancient castle standing.

To change rooms, you need to be sure to kill all present foes. Meanwhile, collect the holy relics scattered around in the castle, which function as super bombs against opponents. Other items, like armor or plants, help you with your journey in several ways. The included manual might shed some light on that matter.

Source: MSXdev23