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MSXdev23 #08 Flubber in The Upside Down World


Title: Flubber in The Upside Down World
Genre: Arcade
Author(s): Amaury Carvalho
Medium: ROM
Hardware requirements: MSX1, 16KB


The game Flubber in the upside down world is a side-scrolling game where the goal is to get through an obstacle course and reach the finishline in less than a minute. The difficulty lies in the fact that two Flubber characters need to run the same race in sync, but opposite of each other with a slightly different path to follow. An MSX1 based arcade game.

Brazilian retro developer Amaury Carvalho re-joins the dev compo with a brand new MSX1 tittle. Last year, at MSXdev22, mister Carvalho delivered Cryptogram – Anagrams Crosswords, a puzzle game, This time around, however, he enters with a pure arcade action game using a horizontal scrolling playfield. The main character, Flubber, needs to cross the terrain with care and hurry to enter the next stage. But actially, there’s not one but two Flubbers which need to be controlled to the finish. Each up-side-down of each other, making this a true challenge to progress to later stages.

Use the UP-key to make Flubber jump a bit to cross small obstacles, or the SPACE-key for higher ones. Your miror-image will perform the same action, though with a slight delay. In order to keep progressing forwards, timing these jumps to sync with each other is essential. Use the keyboard, or joystick, to get Flubber in motion. Furthermore, the ESC-key can be used to pause the game while the M-key can toggle background music On/Off.

There are a total of 15 fixed levels in the game, each with increasing difficulty from the previous one. It’s flubbertastic