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CSSCGC - PACard-MANford, The Real adventures of Pac-Man -ZX Spectrum-

 By Firelord Quality Games - Quests Department

 PACard-MANford, The Real adventures of Pac-Man -ZX Spectrum- 

In "The Adventures of Real PacMan 2023!" or "The Real adventures of Pacman 2023!" you take the role of the famous explorer Baron Pacard Manford. In a haunted mansion you found an ancient scroll which stated that there was a great secret message in a long lost dungeon (which is inside an very old mansion) that gives a clue about the quest of the "Ultimate Secret of Life,the Universe and Everything!". Your research led you outside a Pet Shop in an abandoned village.

You navigate inside the mansion using the usual commands W,E,N,S!


Download, here