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Snake Power -ZX Spectrum-

 by Has6Iron

 Snake Power -ZX Spectrum- 

Another snake game? I don't think so ... Ok, maybe is an another snake game in this case for the Retro Snake Game Jam submission powered by Retro Programmers Inside (RPI) and Phaze101, but I try that you enjoy playing this,  obviously a snake eats apples, but will be not easy. 


Play through 11 levels and infinite round (if you hold on) with speed up, more apples to be eaten, aso. I told you, not will be easy.

This game is for classic ZX Spectrum 128K or Next and emulators and it has been developed using modern ZX Basic compiler thanks to Boriel's ZXBasic, I invite you to visit the compiler website (

Music thanks to Beepola engine and song "Plastic Galaxy" by 4mat /