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A Case of Murder - Re-Release -ZX Spectrum-

 by TaskmasterSoftware

 A Case of Murder - Re-Release -ZX Spectrum- 

Now, here:

1st.  We are now using DAAD instead of PAWS which means we can reach a wider audience.

2nd.  We freed up some memory, and as a result, we have enhanced object descriptions.

3rd.  You now have a notebook. You can examine it to see who you have found to question. You can also examine particular pages to remind yourself of the facts you have uncovered on different suspects. *

4th.  The game now has a difficulty setting which means once it has been solved it can be played again.

5th.  There have been a lot of grammar and spelling corrections.

6th.  Graphics have been added for the larger memory targets."


Available: C64, Commodore Plus 4, Amstrad CPC, Amstrad PCW and ZX Spectrum

Download, here