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MSXdev23 #02 Tower of Damnation

 MSXdev23 #02 Tower of Damnation 

Title: Tower of Damnation
Genre: Action, Platform
Author(s): Marcelo “”BigFive”” Correia
Medium: ROM 48KB
Hardware requirements: MSX1

 MSXdev23 #02 Tower of Damnation 

Well, here’s for number two. It’s a platformer, but not your regular type. You probably remember, how most of us really liked platformers in our days, but sometimes it was just too bad that you could only dodge the baddies. Oh, how we wished to be able to just shoot at them!

Well, Marcelo “BigFive” Correia seems to share our sorrow, and created a platformer in which you can actually just eliminate those pesky enemies by shooting at them. However, there’s a catch – they’ll actually fire back at you! And they also seem to love doing so. Often, you’ll be dodging and strategically trying to outsmart their artificial intelligence. All the while as you’re looking for keys, clues and more items.

While hostages are being taken by a group of criminals, it is your sole job to rescue those poor souls while working on your exit strategy. Run from floor to floor, shoot bad guys, free hostages and escape via the roof. An adventure to be had, for sure!

Source: MSXdev23