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Astra And The New Constellation -Windows, Mac & Linux-

 Collect stardust to build your own constellation!

Astra And The New Constellation -Windows, Mac & Linux-

Astra is the smallest star in Constellation Station. Tired of being picked on, she sets off an adventure to build a new constellation of her own! 


Run, jump, slide, and float across the galaxy while collecting stardust to build your new home in this retro-inspired Pico-8 platformer.

  • Fifteen levels, spanning multiple planets and diverse biomes!
  • Precise controls that provide you the opportunity to express yourself through your movement!
  • Nearly 30 minutes of original music!
  • Platforming challenges designed with all skill levels in mind. Choose your own path and challenge yourself to improve your best times!
  • Accessibility options to ensure players can enjoy the game comfortably!
  • Speedrun features including a loadless timer and record-keeping for your individual level PBs, full run PBs, and sum of bests!

Astra And The New Constellation was developed in the PICO-8 fantasy console by rare

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