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Platformer 8 Bit Tilesset (NES, GB, SMS, MSX, ZX Spectrum)

 Platformer 8 Bit Tilesset (NES, GB, SMS, MSX, ZX Spectrum) 

Asset pack: 4 Backgrounds 16x16 Tileset (Hills, Beach, City, Factory) optimized for use on real NES, GB, SMS, MSX,ZXSpec by Amaweks


Each background is made of 16 16x16 tiles (meta tiles). There is a version of each tileset for Game Boy, NES, Sega Master System, MSX, and ZX Spectrum.

You can use these tilesets for a PC project, or use to make a game on the real hardware, since the tilesets where made on the palette limitation of each system.

There is a one screen mockup for each of the 4 backgrounds on eath system as a example on how to use the tiles.

Tiles are simple, only 16 metatiles each stage, so they can easy fit on each system or engine memory limitations.

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