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MSXdev23 #01 Pentacorn Quest

 MSXdev23 #01 Pentacorn Quest 

Title: Pentacorn Quest
Genre: Platform, adventure
Author(s): Robosoft
Medium: ROM 48KB
Hardware requirements: MSX1

 MSXdev23 #01 Pentacorn Quest 

Robosoft returns to MSXdev with his multiscreen platform-adventure game, where you’ll have to find your way though trapdoor invested screens to collect the five lost acorns. Magic gold acorns, that is. What’s the magic you ask? Well, that’s for you to find out. All we know is that they are a cause of dispute between the forces of Light and Darkness.


Originally released for the ZX-spectrum, and with permission of the original author Nightwolf, Robosoft delivers a solid MSX1 remake of the game.

Download, here