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The Dragnet Case Re-Release -ZX Spectrum 128 k and more-

 by TaskmasterSoftware

 The Dragnet Case Re-Release -ZX Spectrum 128 k and more- 

You play the role of Sam Boon, an L.A. Private Detective. Ask anyone around here and they will have heard of you, however, most of them will question if you are still in business. Times have been hard the last 10 years, cases are fewer, pay less, and mostly involve finding lost cats. 

That is about to change, just as you are wondering where your next case will come from fate intervenes in the form of gunfire.


Playing the Game

The game is an old-school text adventure.

Available: Spectrum 128k, C64/Plus, Amstrad CPC, Amstrad PCW, DOS/WINDOWS, Atari ST and Amiga, here