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DRIFT! 2K22 -ZX Spectrum-


DRIFT! 2K22 -ZX Spectrum- 

Genre: Drift Racing Simulator.

This game is a mod of the 2019 game Drift!
You are competing in the Drift Championship. 


A game for ZX Spectrum 128. 

Differences from the 2019 game:

• The game was heavily ripped; unnecessary features removed.
• New season with three new locations: Rotterdam, Giza and Valencia.
• New car, along with one of the cars from the 2019 game.
• Completely new loading screen and final cut.
• Minor changes in the car physics, visual and audio FX.
• Faster loading: the game takes up less memory.
• Additionally, you have a full racing season of the 2019 game.
• Target times of some 2019 tracks have been corrected. 

Download, here

Source: ZOSYA