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ZX Online Awards 2022 - Voting Day 1

 ZX Online Awards 2022

It's finally here, the day when voting for the ZX Online Awards 2022 begins! (A big round of applause).

The authors sent over 30 games to the contest, and it's absolutely unrealistic to review them in one sitting. We don't want voting to be perfunctory, as we're going to be "looking for diamonds", right, so you'll need to play each one for a while (either online or on real hardware) and then give it your scores.

We decided that each day 3 new games would be put up for voting. Each trio of games will remain available for three days, so if you miss a day or two, you won't lose anything. Also, on the last two days of voting, all the games will be displayed at the same time and you can review everything again and vote for the games you missed.

What's the point of the ZX Online Awards 2022 anyway? After all, there's already GOTY, there were many other contests last year. If you have 4 minutes, please, read the longstory about it.

Well, it's time to get started! The first three games are already available, good luck to all contestants!

Alexey Khaydukov (aka Epsiloncool)ZX Online Project

Source: ZX Online