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SharpSCII Invaders -Sharp MZ-80A-

 By Joachim

 Invaders -Sharp MZ-80A- 

This is a simple one-button game where invaders from outer space are attacking planet Earth. You are humanity's last hope!


The aliens attack in waves, and have to be shot down before they reach the bottom of the screen.

 Invaders -Sharp MZ-80A-


  • Monochrome graphics made entirely using SharpSCII characters – some of it has even been created on a real Sharp MZ-80A microcomputer!
  • Sound effects and beepy music programmed in BASIC SA-5510 and recorded using an emulator!
  • Silly cutscenes!
  • Jokes and jumpscares!
  • 20-ish repetitive levels!
  • Procedurally generated background graphics!
  • Very well hidden Cheat function!
  • Lots and lots of green!
  • Undocumented mouse control (left button)!