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Rolling in the sheepe -Windows, Mac & Linux-

 By Pandaqi

 Rolling in the sheepe 

The Sheepe are a simple folk. They are born with a random shape and one burning desire in their woolly heart: cross the finish line before the others!

When they take their first rolls, though, they soon find out not every shape is equally suited for rolling. And in a weird twist of faith, the player in last place magically turns into a wolf that eats the others!


Rolling in the Sheepe is a simple, light-hearted local multiplayer game for 1-6 players of all ages. 

Roll your sheepe to the finish. Try not to get sliced into many tinier sheepe along the way, or become The Unrollable Triangle, or land on a spike, or miss that jump ten times, or - well, you know, just try to roll better than the others?