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Bat Boy Demo -Windows-

 By X Plus Games

 Bat Boy Demo -Windows-

Ryosuke isn't just your regular high-school kid. He and his fellow sports-star friends secretly battle against the evil invading forces of Lord Vicious, hellbent on hosting sinister athletic events for his own amusement! Aided by the power granted to them by nameless deities, Ryosuke is Bat Boy!

Interdimensional mage Lord Vicious has brainwashed Bat Boy’s fellow teammates in order to participate in the Trials of Darkness, a heinously brutal series of athletic events! It’s up to Bat Boy to team up with one-time villain and mouthy crow Garou, traversing all manner of hostile worlds, to free the minds of his sports-hero teammates before they fall victim to the Trials. Along the way, Bat Boy will encounter all manner of characters, some allies, most not, as he fights his way to the final confrontation with the Dark Lord himself.


Full game will include:

 A thrilling 2D platforming adventure set against rich, nostalgic 8-bit backdrops.
 Swing, deflect, spin and power-hit your way through exciting baseball-style combat!
 Explore a vast world of unique and exciting environments, ultimately leading to a showdown with one of Bat Boy’s brainwashed allies!
 Take on the powers of each ally as you free them from the influence of Lord Vicious!
 Glorious 8-bit visuals, reminiscent of early platformer legends.
 High octane chiptunes from Evader Music, composer for Smelter and Super Sami Roll.
 Dozens of enemies, exciting bosses and intriguing companions to encounter!
 Baseball-bat-based traversal and environmental puzzle solving!
 Hidden secrets, collectibles, unlockable music and more to find!