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3D Monster Maze in Colour -ZX Spectrum-

 By Dickdodds

 3D Monster Maze in Colour -ZX Spectrum- 

Dickdodds, tras su Get Out para ZX Spectrum NEXT, se pasa al ZX Spectrum original de la mano de 3D Monster Maze in Colour, una adaptación de la versión de ZX81 del homónimo coloreada.


Según el autor: "It's for the 48k Spectrum from Paul Farrow's source port of 3D Monster Maze for the ZX81 by Malcolm Evans. Also included is my short story 3d Monster Maze - A Short Story which hopefully you find interesting and bring back those feelings when you first played the game!!".

Y es que la party Spectrumera, pese al final de ZXDev, no para.