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Mr. Hair and The Fly Redux -Windows-

 Original Spectrum game remade and upscaled for Window PC by Langford Productions


Unfortunately, the fortunes of Mr Hair’s home   planet somehow rely on a magical chalice which,   unfortunately again, has been nicked by some   very dodgy alien creatures from a neighbouring   star system.   Prince Hairy is under  increasing pressure from   his princess Meghan Moptop to retrieve this   valuable cup as, without it, she feels unable to   keep up the high standard of living to which she   has grown accustomed.

 Mr. Hair and The Fly Redux -Windows-

Prince Hairy is obviously way above carrying out   this mission himself, what with being a prince   and all, so enlists the help of Mr Hair - intrepid   explorer, daring adventurer and all round good   egg.

Guide Mr Hair through the alien planet avoiding it's weird and wonderful inhabitants as much as possible. Seek out the batteries which unlock keys and open up previously inaccessible areas of the map.  Use the mystical transporters to turn into the fly and reach the parts a  single strand of hair wouldn't usually be able reach.

 Mr. Hair and The Fly Redux -Windows-

Find the magical chalice and get outta there!

Game written by Richard Langford

Original Spectrum version by Lee 'Chops' Stevenson

Redux game design by Richard Langford and Lee 'Chops' Stevenson

Graphics by Richard Langford and Lee 'Chops' Stevenson

Music by Pedro Pimenta

Playtested by Lee 'Chops' Stevenson and Pedro Pimenta

The acclaimed Spectrum game comes to PC featuring:

Over 130 screens compared to the original 47

- 'Redux' Spectrum graphics

-  Brand new cut scenes

- 'Redux' 2 x AY enhanced music

-  Three boss screens

-  Brand new mini-game

-  3 levels of difficulty