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MSXdev21 #16 – Square Ball -MSX-

 By RAY2DAY MSX Software, in co-operation with mafcase

Square Ball -MSX-

  • Title: Square Ball
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Author: RAY2DAY MSX Software, in co-operation with mafcase
  • ROM size: 16KB
  • Registered: 20210516
 In a lot of media from the 1950s and on, we’ve been warned not to be a square. Who’d want to be one, anyway?

Well, in this game, sometimes you actually do want to be a square. That is, to control a square’s movements, at least. Even, still – on the other hand, sometimes you just might want to be a ball, instead. And there’s the catch! Do you wanna be a square, or a ball?

It’s always your choice, but choose wisely, think ahead carefully and you may be able to solve the puzzles. Hit the spacebar or the fire-button to switch between being a square or a ball, and use the cursor or joystick to move in the desired direction. In the end, it’s all about collecting all of the diamonds in order to advance to the next level.

Thanks to RAY2DAY and his partner in crime “mafcase”, for delivering one more brain wracking challenge for all of us to enjoy.

Source: MSXdev.