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Laxidaze, una mezcla cyberpunk de Pokémon y Persona, se financia en -Kickstarter-

El equipo norteamericano Machine Elf Studios consiguen en dos días financiar su RPG de acción inspirado también por 'Monster Hunter' que llegará en 2023


Laxidaze is a monster taming action RPG inspired by the classics; set in a cyber-funk future that features real time 3rd person combat (with a tactical mode) and social-sim gameplay. Recruit monsters and super powered bounty hunters in order to rebel against an oppressive government.


At its core, Laxidaze is re-imagined monster taming RPG that captures what made the classics fun while expanding on customization and inclusivity. As a role playing game, Laxidaze features a diverse cast and an expansive character creator in order to better represent the player and create a more immersive experience to a wider audience.

Llegará, si la cosa no se tuerce, a finales de 2023 a PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S y Nintendo Switch. El Kickstarter permite obtener el juego a partir de los 30 dólares.


Source: Kickstarter.