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Image to Amstrad CPC Converter ImgToCpc

 Convert an image to Amstrad format

Image to Amstrad CPC Converter ImgToCpc

Image-To-Amstrad-CPC (or “ImgToCpc”) is an image processing utility that makes it possible to convert your picture or image file directly to Amstrad floppy format, so that you will only have to type “run” to display your image on the CPC screen.

Image-To-Amstrad-CPC supports JPG, PNG, BMP, PCX, LBM, TGA image formats. 

Image to Amstrad CPC Converter ImgToCpc

 Image-To-Amstrad-CPC will directly create:

  • a preview image to check the results

  • the equivalent 17k image file in Amstrad binary format

  • a launch file that corresponds to the Basic commands to display the image on the screen

  • a floppy file (.DSK) containing the image, the launcher above and readable by an Amstrad CPC emulator such as WinAPE or CPCBox.

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