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Arcade Volleyball -SEGA Master System-

 Great ARCADE!!

Arcade Volleyball -SEGA Master System-

By raphnet: "Arcade Volleyball is a simple volleyball game I remember playing when I was quite young on a DOS PC. According to its Wikipedia article, this game would have been a shareware at the time but it is now in the public domain. I'm not sure how well known this little game is, but for me, it's a classic!

Also thanks to Wikipedia, I learned that this was originally conceived for the Commodore 64, but was also available for Amiga. The latter was distributed on a floppy disk included with the Fall 1989 edition of the Compute!'s Amiga Resource magazine, as an executable accompanied with its source code.
Source code? This caught my attention! I really like having the (sadly rare) chance to look at the source code of games from my youth. And this one was coded in C, my favorite programming language!

As it happens, I recently worked on a few small projects for the Sega Master System programmed in the C language with the help of devkitSMS. So I immediately thought, why not port this game to the SMS? It should be a nice little week-end project! (and it was!)".

Download, here.

Fuente: RAPHNET.