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7DRL Challenge 2021

 Create a complete roguelike game in 7 days!

7DRL Challenge 2021

Roguelikes are traditionally procedurally generated RPGs in the mold of Rogue, with turn-based interactions in a grid-based environment, where levels are procedurally generated each play-through and death is permanent.  In 2005, the roguelike community established a yearly event, the 7DRL Challenge, in which developers are challenged to create a roguelike in seven days.

Time frame

The 7DRL Challenge has special rules regarding timing, so the normal counter is not accurate. 

  • You have max 7 consecutive days to work in your game.

  • The date you pick to start working must be between March 6 and March 14 in your local time.

  • If you start on or after March 8, you must submit before March 14 end of the day, so you might have less than 7 days to work on your entry.

    More information, here.