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Ultar's Lair (ATARI 2600 HOMEBREW)

 by Oniric Factor

Ultar's Lair (ATARI 2600 HOMEBREW)

A terrible epidemic ravages the inhabitants of Ekeanor, drying up their fields and turning its people to stone.

Ultar's Lair (ATARI 2600 HOMEBREW)

Only a young druid knows the origin of such a dreadful curse: it is the legacy of Ultar, the sorcery of an insidious wizard who hides in an ancient, forgotten temple buried deep within the earth.
His malevolent spell siphons the vital energy from the creatures on the surface to fuel his own power, seeking his return to the realm of the living where he plans to rule with an iron fist.

Armed only with an enchanted dagger and the strength of his will, our hero ventures into the depths of the abyss, determined to face a legion of demons and uproot the source of this dreadful curse.
This 32Kb game has been developed to run on the original hardware of an Atari 2600 console and optimized for NTSC.

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